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BTT Susp.


Sale and installation of high quality lifted struts and shock absorbers by Rough Country, H&R, and Bilstein.



The first to perfect the monotube gas pressure shock absorber, Bilstein revolutionized the shock absorber industry in 1954. And by 1958, after working closely with Daimler-Benz, Bilstein became standard equipment on every Mercedes-Benz. The next logical step for Bilstein was the racetrack, which is what the company is ultimately most famous for today.

From the Baja deserts to racetracks around the world, Bilstein continues to dominate the competition. In their unyielding quest for the checkered flag, winning racers choose Bilstein for their unmatched durability and cutting-edge technology. And by taking what they learn on the track to the streets, Bilstein brings out the best in your vehicle.

Rough Country


Rough Country was founded in 1975 as one of the original off-road shock manufacturers with the classic, yellow-colored shock bodies still seen on the occasional Jeep CJ or squarebody truck to this day! In 1986 Rough Country was purchased by Heckethorn Products Inc, one of the first major manufacturers of aftermarket Jeep Steering Stabilizers. Soon after, the product line expanded from shocks and steering stabilizers to leveling kits and lift kits for every major make and model.

Rough Country boasts a huge lineup of products for tons of makes and models. They've expanded into popular categories like LED Lights, Fender Flares, Mesh Grilles, and countless other accessories. Their product lineup now includes a wide range of shocks and struts; In 2018 Rough Country debuted Vertex: a new line of upscale reservoir shocks and coil over struts to rival other high-end options on the market.


Rough Country strives to offer the highest-quality equipment and a price that won’t break the bank. We’re all truck and Jeep enthusiasts ourselves, and we build on that excitement each day with new ideas, new concepts, and exciting new products.



H&R’s philosophy to manufacture the best suspension products using only the highest grade materials and then back them with unparalleled customer service has resulted in worldwide success. On the street or on the track, H&R provides consistent, proven suspension performance.


Every H&R component is made in Germany and is tested and approved by the German government’s TUV agency for quality, safety and reliability. Additional testing and research is done in their U.S. facility, right outside Seattle, to fine tune its systems for optimum handling, balance and ride quality.


Every H&R spring, whether designed for a Civic or a LeMans-winning Porsche GT1 prototype, is precision-wound with the highest quality German spring steel available. It’s heat-treated twice to realign the molecular structure for long term resilience. It is shot-peened, inside and out — a process that extends the service life of the spring more than 200%. Each spring is pre-set using Super-Blok(TM) technology a total of four times to establish its final length, and tested for ride height and spring rate. It is then electrically-charged phosphate-coated, painted with a special polyurethane-epoxy powder coating and oven-cured to create a hard, corrosion-resistance shell.

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