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Diagnosing and solving A.C, and heating issues in your vehicle ensuring your comfort throughout all seasons.


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A fully functional air conditioning system is one the basic needs while driving a car. A routine car service can ensure that the air conditioner of your car is working properly. It can check for any minor or major concerns; a leak in the refrigerant levels, or the need to re-gas the system, can contribute in effective functioning of the air conditioning system of the vehicle.

Our team at Autosport is committed to serving you with high quality and customer satisfaction, providing a full range of air conditioning services, including :

  • AC Maintenance

  • System Components Check

  • Refrigerant Levels Check

  • Leak Testing

  • System Faults Diagnosis & Repairs

  • AC Install

  • Check Performance & Pressure

  • Condenser Cleaning

Signs if your heating and A/C are having troubles:

  • If your air conditioning blows just a little cooler than the air outside

  • Air that blows in smells moist, rotten, or like mildew

  • Your cabin does not warm up in winter, or is just somewhat warmer than outside

  • The defroster takes longer compared to normal to operate, blows in filthy air, or doesn't work

  • Your heating unit or A/C only operates when driving, not when idling, or stops blowing when the automobile is idle

  • Your heater blows chilly air, or the A/C blows warm

  • At the greatest setting, your vents don't push out much air

Checking your vehicle's A.C system is very important.

Heating and A/C systems could wear out gradually with usage, hose pipes can obstruct and leak if not serviced, leading to inadequate performance or a shortage of heating and cooling capabilities. Effective upkeep could keep your vehicle comfortable for you and your passengers.

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