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Offering the finest and latest Hunter Engineering technology, to efficiently change your vehicle's tires, and balance the wheels. 


Hunter Revolution Fully Automatic Tire Changer

The Revolution™ only requires four key decisions from the operator.  New techs are productive faster and everyone works smarter.

Hunter Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer 

Road Force® Elite is the fastest diagnostic wheel balancer on the market and performs both a traditional balance and Road Force Measurement® in less time than it takes to complete a conventional balance.

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Tire Change

The Hunter Revolution™ Fully Automatic Tire Changer has advanced "walk away" technology allowing the technician to maximize their time. The machine will essentially do the job for the tech, by decreasing the decisions to be made, while also guaranteeing no damage to your tires and wheels.


Increase operator safety
Fully-automatic keeps operators hands and body safely away from the machine. Wheel lift protects operator’s back.


Reduce damage risk
Automatic procedure protects expensive rims and tires. Polymer tools ensure scratch free operation.


Increase TPMS safety
Machine constantly monitors TPMS location. Automatically mounts and demounts with best TPMS procedures.


Handle all tires in the same amount of time
The same process for all tires means all tires take the same time. The machine will measure and act according to the size of the tire in the same amount of time. Don't allow efficiency to leak away with run flats or other difficult tires.

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Wheel Alignment 

The Hunter Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer works fast in solving vibration problems, identifying vehicle pulls, ensuring proper centering, and eliminating setup errors in order to provide a new car ride to your vehicle. The efficiency of the machine also results in reduced customer comebacks.

Faster balancing
Eliminates manual dimension entry and runout measurement to save time

Higher-quality balance
Patented algorithms enhance precision and provide better appearance by hiding wheel weights

Reduce operator error
Automatically measures wheel dimensions, selects weight mode and measures rim runout




StraightTrak® corrects tire pull

  1. Customer complains that their vehicle is pulling to the left.

  2. Lateral force measurement is performed without time penalty using the Road Force® Elite wheel balancer.

  3. Lateral forces are balanced, eliminating vehicle pull.


All rights to Hunter Engineering

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